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WARNING! Puppies born from a couple BURIBOSSAR PERI STAR OF THE EAST & EGSAN Alexander settlement
Attention!! There are puppies on sale!!!

Attention!! There are puppies on sale!!!
Attention!! There are puppies on sale!!!

About Central Asian Dogs Kennel

There were always dogs at our house, but the first central Asian Sheppard dog was our favorite Igush . He was taken to us from Turkmen in 1998. And since then we understood that there are no dogs smarter and worthier than Asian shepherd. Securing the territory and its owner is in its blood, as at that moment we did not have professional canines for bringing it up. This puppy was brought up in our family together with our five-year-old son. Igush lived till 2001 and, sadly, there was a misfortune... more »

Central Asian Shepherd dogs, standart FCI-335

New edition of breed standard Central Asian Shepherd The origin country: Soviet Union (regions of Central Asia) under Russian patronage Date of publishing this standard 23.05.2003 The usage securing, guarding dog FCI qualification: Group 2. Pinchers, schnauzers, molossoid, mountain and Swiss cattle dogs Section 2.2 Molossoid/ mountain dogs Without performance tests.... more »
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